Do you have loans and active financing and are you having difficulty paying the installments because they are too high? Would you like to find a solution that allows you to pay off the open loans and lower the installments ? Read our article on debt consolidation , to find out how to do it!

Loan consolidation, another name with which this type of financing is sometimes called, allows all previous debts and installments in progress to be extinguished by combining the installments into a single loan, in the form of a salary or personal loan.

With this type of operation it is possible to lower the monthly payment , often obtaining a better interest rate than the previous one, and lengthen the payment of the debt, with the possibility of obtaining additional liquidity in some cases.

It is also possible to extinguish the refinancing at any time with full savings of the interest on the capital still due


The consolidation loan amounts reach up to € 30,000 with an amortization plan of up to 120 months and are in any case subject to the applicant’s ability to repay. In case the debts to be consolidated were still higher, it is possible to resort to a different product, called ” debt consolidation loan “.

Often, when one turns to a financial or a bank for debt consolidation, one is already in a difficult phase and most likely has fallen behind with the payment of the installments and has been registered with the CRIF as bad payers: also in this in case there is the possibility to request the loan, but we refer you to the dedicated article.



– Amounts obtainable up to € 30,000
– Purpose not required
– Payable installment up to 1/5 of the salary (in the case of transfer)
– Installment up to 30% of the monthly net earnings (in the case of personal loans)
– Employee work (both employees of public bodies and private companies).
– Minimum seniority varying between 5 and 24 months.
– Rate between 24 and 120 months
– Refunds with payroll deductions (in the case of transfer).
– Refunds via bank RID (in the case of personal loans).
– Management of online practice in the restricted area
– Customizable amounts and repayment times. 

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