Company loans can be used to finance business activities or to provide a loan to an employee who requests it. These are two different types of loans, which are often indicated with the same name: corporate loans, in fact. By clarifying that the two forms of loan have different characteristics, it must however be emphasized that in both cases these are targeted loans, that is strictly linked to a specific purpose or objective.

For this reason, they can enjoy certain tax breaks or benefits

For this reason, they can enjoy certain tax breaks or benefits

The most widespread form of corporate lending in Italy is that of loans aimed at supporting business activities or a freelancer by a bank or other financial institution. Notoriously, for a freelancer or young entrepreneur it is more difficult to access credit than an employee, who can present pay slips attesting to his economic soundness. On the contrary, those who do business, especially if it is in the launch phase (the start-ups), must demonstrate that they can be a reliable partner for the bank.

For this reason, the request for financing must often be accompanied by a description of the company’s future activities, so that the bank becomes convinced of the profitability of its investment and grants the loan, certain that it will then be repaid with interest. Although in fact some loans of this kind may enjoy favorable terms thanks to forms of public guarantees, they still provide for an interest rate to be paid to the creditor.

Another form of corporate financing

corporate financing

widely used in the United States, and which could also spread in Italy, is that of the loan by the employer to its employee who requests it. In this case, the loan could also have a lower interest rate than the market rate, within a collaborative company context: it would therefore be a fringe benefit , ie a form of “payment” further than the normal remuneration .

The advantage of these corporate loans is not only directed to the employee, who avoids turning to the bank (of course, he will still have to deal with his employer), but also for the company, which will still get an interest on these loans and a facilitated tax and contribution treatment .

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